Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures in Organic Gardening Part 5

Honestly, 2007 was not a very good year for us. My husband was in a bad vehicle accident, so not much was done in the gardens. I just maintained what I had been doing and worked on the flower beds a little. Even my vegetable garden was mainly a basic one, with not much done differently than in previous years. Most of my time was spent with him, helping him recuperate and heal.

So, here is the season in pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

Indoor basement green house. Tomato plants are over a foot high!

Look closely at the phlox. There is a cute little hummingbird moth checking it out.

My gorgeous moonflowers! Smell so wonderful and huge!

Woodchip mulch on front flower beds. Even a week after a rain, if you dig down, the soil is still a little damp. Tons of worms too!

Pretty Gladiolus!

Our feathered friend. He comes back every summer.

Fall crocus. Leaves in summer, flowers only in fall.


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