Monday, June 15, 2009

Organic Gardening

I have happy toads! Recently I made a purchase from an excellent potter from Etsy, called Adornyourself. Her shop is called Willow Tree Designs and she throws the most awesome pottery! I purchased a gorgeous Toad House, and my little garden toads are most happy with it. As there is more than one toad in my garden, I will have to get at least one more (or so I tell my husband). She was also very generous and gave me a wonderful sucullent garden with a pot for my flower bed.

I have also received a casserole dish , a cereal bowl and a lovely vase from her, and needless to say, no one is allowed to touch them but me!
If you love pottery, you should check out her shop. She also makes gorgeous pendants and jewelry in addition to the bowls, cups and vases!


  1. What a wonderful post, I'm so impressed with the photo's and the venue. Gorgeous!

  2. Those pots look so cozy there. :)

  3. I am sooo happy with them! My litle succulent garden is growing every day and I definately have a toad 'renting' the toad house!