Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of my 50% off Clearance sale!

Tomorrow, October 1st will be the last day of my clearance sale in my shop on Etsy! So if you are looking for some cool handmade buttons, cat nip toys gift tags, or other unique items, feel free to pop by and see what I have available.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

50% Off Clearance Sale!

My entire shop is on sale, 50% off purchase price (before shipping). Christmas is coming soon, so feel free to stop by and see what I have.

Jewelz Creatives

We are back!

We had a wonderful time visiting our family in Winnipeg. I took lots of pictures, and was able to spend plenty of time with both of my parents, my sister, and Both of my nephews! I even was able to catch up with a friend of mine and we spent the day at the Forks.

It is nice to be home again, though. My dear husband met us at the airport, and we went to visit his parents for a little while, then headed home. As we left London I could almost feel a "weight" lift from my head as we started passing by the green pastures and woods. We were met at the door with all three kitties, very happy to see us and lots of mrrrrr-ing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jewelz Creatives on Vacation

It is official. I have put my Etsy shop on a 2 week vacation.

Well, actually my son and I are still at home for another couple days. We leave for Winnipeg at noon on Wednesday, but I did not want to take a chance on not being able to ship off any orders if I cut it too close, so that is why I did things this way.

We are very excited, as I have not seen my parents, sister and nephews for about a year and a half, and my son has not seen them for about 4 years now. And, by the looks of it, they are having warmer weather than we are! At least a 5 degree difference. Much better than the first year I came here to Ontario for visit. I left Winnipeg with temperatures of about -20, to arrive here with temps about +15 degrees. I was walking on green grass and goose poo wearing a sweater, no jacket needed. When I left after a 5 day visit to return to Winterpeg, it was to temps of about -50 with windchill for 2 weeks. What a difference! I am sure it will not be like that this time LOL

Sunday, September 13, 2009

50% off Clearance Sale!

I am going on a two week holiday, and will be closing my Etsy shop while I am gone. So, to celebrate my vacation, I am having a 50% off Clearance sale today. I will be putting my shop in vacation mode when I wake up tomorrow morning, Monday September 14th, so feel free to come and browse today!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The ScribbleGroup

Here is a lovely shop on Etsy that is the combined effort of some really tallented people. Emmarts, the originator of The ScribbleGroup, came up with the idea of a number of artists all contributing to a piece of artwork, and selling the end result for charity.

For example. One artist will take a piece of paper, and draw, paint or scribble on it, then send it to the next person. That second person will add an element to the artwork, and send it on to the third, who will finish the piece.

This one, from the first series, is my favourite.

Untitled number 10 - Project 1 - Spring 2009

The charity of choice until the end of September, is The Weekend To End Breast Cancer. Jay, a fellow Etsian, will be once again taking on a huge challenge in her continuous effort to raise money for Breast Cancer research. She is truly an inspiration to us all.

To read more about Jay and her fundraising efforts, please go to

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

wow! September already! Seems like only yesterday it was spring, and I had so many plans for the summer. Well, I did get most of it done, and I still have a few more things I wish to accomplish before winter hits.

I have no real plans for this weekend. A very busy week at work, and so looking forward to a long weekend. I might get my 2 bushels of tomatos and 1 bushel of peppers today, it all depends on what my husband's plans are.

There is lots to do in my flower beds in preparation for winter, and a house to clean.

I might not do anything at all.

What are your plans?