Monday, September 7, 2009

The ScribbleGroup

Here is a lovely shop on Etsy that is the combined effort of some really tallented people. Emmarts, the originator of The ScribbleGroup, came up with the idea of a number of artists all contributing to a piece of artwork, and selling the end result for charity.

For example. One artist will take a piece of paper, and draw, paint or scribble on it, then send it to the next person. That second person will add an element to the artwork, and send it on to the third, who will finish the piece.

This one, from the first series, is my favourite.

Untitled number 10 - Project 1 - Spring 2009

The charity of choice until the end of September, is The Weekend To End Breast Cancer. Jay, a fellow Etsian, will be once again taking on a huge challenge in her continuous effort to raise money for Breast Cancer research. She is truly an inspiration to us all.

To read more about Jay and her fundraising efforts, please go to

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