Sunday, July 18, 2010

Handmade organic catnip toys

I have recently came up with three new series (lines) of catnip toys.

The first one I call the Nipper Napperz. These are 2-in-1 catnip toys, that can be used as a toy, and after your kitten is all tuckered out from the kicking and scratching, she can use it as a blanket and take a nap!  I used the Log Cabin quilting style, 2 layers of polyester batting, and filled them with my very own, extremely potent organic catnip. While sewing the two outer layers of cotton fabric together, I also sewed in the batting to prevent bunching of the batting. Then I machine quilted a square in the center, also to help keep from bunching.  They measure about 7 inches square (17.8 cm).  I currently have two of these available in my studio on Artfire. 

Nipper Napperz 2-in-1 catnip toy blanket

The second series are my Zombie kitten catnip toys. Adorable little toys, measuring approximately 5 x 3.5 inches (12.8 x 9 cm), made with cotton fabric, poly batting and filled with my organic catnip. These are available in my Artfire studio, Etsy shop, and in my shop JewelzCreatives on a new website for Canadian Handmade called Zaybia. 

Zombie kitten organic catnip toy

The third series are my Peek a Boo catnip toys, which are adorable little "faces" peeking at the world. These measure 5 x 3.5 inches (12.7 x 9 cm) and are made from cotton fabric, filled with poly batting and my catnip.  These can only be found in my Artfire studio.

Sapphire, Peek a Boo organic catnip toy

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  1. Very cute, especially the Nipper Napperz. We don't have a kitty right now but one we used to have was a Siamese and retrieved like mad. He loved his little catnip mouse. He'd bring it to you and pat your knee until you threw it for him...again and again. I swear that little guy thought he was a dog.