Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The best online selling venue group deal ever!

Have you been thinking of opening up your own website, or looking for that perfect yet affordable venue to sell your handmade goodies, vintage items or supplies? Artfire is going to be shortly exiting their beta stage and want to share their excitement by offering this awesome Artfire group deal. It is only available for a limited time so sign up now, you definitely not want to miss this!!

For $5.95 a month, you will receive a studio with tons of tools such as :

Rapid Cart
Global Pay
Market Hub
Google Boost
Fusion Studio
Shop Sort
Total View
Artisan Blog
Picture Gallery
Studio Widgets
Facebook Kiosk
Global Editor
Etsy Importer
Sticky Cart
Artisan Guilds
Artisan Councils
Maker Bio
Artifact Awards
Sales Booster
Coupon Codes
Gift Certificates
Promo Labels and more are always being developed!

And the best thing is, there are no final value fees, no commissions, and no extra charges for pictures (in fact, you can use up to 10 pictures per listing!).

You will not be charged unless the minimum is met, so why not sign up for a free basic studio, and you can opt in to be included in this group package, and when Artfire has reached the minimum 20,000 sign-ups it will go live! The cap has been set for 50,000 so you do not want to wait too long, or you may miss out.

For more details and For the Terms and Conditions, click here.

Want more details about Artfire itself? Well, they are not 'just a venue' they are actually a 'hub' where you can provide links to your other online websites (whether they are selling venues, Facebook, personal blog, twitter, flickr, even your Etsy shop). You can learn all about SEO, how to take better pictures, a 45 day guide to success and pretty much anything else you could ever want to know about running your own online business. And, your customers Do Not have to be members of Artfire to purchase from you!

So check it out, and see what you think. You will be glad you did!


IF THE DEAL IS NOT ACTIVATED your card will not be charged $5.95 or ANY OTHER AMOUNT and your current account status will not change.

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