Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Catnip Teddy Bear Story:

I have 2 cats. I have one catnip toy. Two big boys fighting over one tiny little Christmas stocking cat toy. Funny, most days, but that day, NOT!

So, I looked around trying to see if I could find another one for them, and as I was digging through my bag of various supplies, I found a bunch of these tiny teddy bears. Well, the one cat, Smokie, snagged one out of the bag and stared imploringly at me.

All righty than! This will be his new toy. I spent a very painstaking (and painful) hour removing 90% of the stuffing, and a bunch of extra embellishments that were on the bears, since I did not want my cat to eat them. Then refilling it with catnip (not easy to do with cat claws digging into you at every movement), sewed it back up again and Lo and Behold! A new catnip toy for the boy!

Needless to say, they both love it!

I decided to make a couple more, and offer them on Etsy, for your little furbabies!


  1. Cute! I like the pic of him tearing into that stocking :)

  2. Thank you Julie! It is / was definately their favourite toy :) Now they are fighting over the teddy bear, or trying to steal one of MY stuffed froggies!