Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day in Ontario

Today is Family Day! It is a relatively new holiday here in Ontario, Canada. Of course, my son happens to be at a friend's house, and I am busy playing with my clay. I also have hopes/plans of making some strawberry and some blueberry jam. We shall see how much I actually accomplish today! Perhaps a little later I might be able to talk my hubby into going for a walk or a drive.

So far today, I have made a set of plain black round 2-hole buttons and worked on some little boxes. As of yet, only the bottoms of the boxes are curing and I have to figure out just how I want to do the lids for them or if I am going to make lids at all.

So far I have made 3 different colours right I call Chocolate Caramel, one called Cafe Latte and the final one is Lemon Lime (I am quite partial to this one). They are very shallow and square. Depending on how these turn out, I have plans for others on the drawing board. In time, I hope to make some hinged, and some with little feet. We shall see!

I also have a bottle soaking in soapy water right now. It is one of those flat flask shaped Maple syrup bottles. I would love to decorate it with clay. I also have a bunch of spice jars that would look quite nice decorated as well.

Oh, and for the little canes I was making, here is a couple pictures of one of them, so that you can see just what it was I was talking about in a previous post.

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