Friday, February 13, 2009

I have been Tagged!

Tagged by UxCritter!

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Seven Random Things about Me ~

1. I am a Taurus. I was born in the year of the Dog.

2. I love to read. Mainly Fantasy Fiction, and Sci-Fi. The longest I can go without reading is about 3 days, then I tend to get a bit cranky.

3. I was raised as a country girl, lived 13 years in a city, then returned to the country. I am definately much happier now!

4. I love thunder and lightening storms! I can spend hours watching and listening to one. I also sleep the best during storms.

5. I am somewhat of a hermit. I do prefer to keep to myself and am not much of a social butterfly. I feel uncomfortable in large crowds.

6. I collect frogs! I have about 200 of the little green guys.

7. I have met so many wonderful, kind and helpful people on Etsy, and plan on staying there as long as I possibly can! Even if one day I decide to stop selling on Etsy, I shall remain there and keep in touch with my new friends!

My turn to tag!


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  1. I love your 7 things about yourself. I can certainly relate to 3. 4. & 5. Learning about
    6. is really neat. Thanks for sharing Jewelz!