Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Searching for my muse

For the last few weeks I have been in a bit of a slump, with coming up with new ideas of what I can do and make with polymer clay. My inspiration, my muse if you will, has gone on a vacation. If you see her, please let me know? She is a tiny little thing, with wild green hair. Very cheerful and mischievious.

I do not normally look at other artists and what they are doing as a means of gaining inspiration for a number of reasons. Some of which being that I do not wish to copy their ideas, and I would find it a bit irksome if someone "copied" me. So that being said, I do still like to look at all the fabulous things people are making because it proves that people are constantly improving their work, and that with dedication and practice, I too can become an excellent artist. Kind of a quandry I am in, yes?

I finally decided to take some "me time" and just play with the clay and see what happens. For a few months now I have been making buttons, and it had carried over into beads. So here are a few pics so that you can see what I mean.

I also continued with my pocket mirrors.

Making canes have been quite a challenge for me, and I continue to create new ones. I will not show any of those here, as I have quite a few that I may make into things later. Needless to say, making canes are an essential skill; one that I will continue to work on.

As I said earlier, my little muse had taken a short leave of absence, so in the meantime I decided to get back to sculpting itself. I made this little guy over the weekend. I call him, Tattered Dreams. Sorry the pictures are not very good, my camera was not being friendly to me today. I will try to take better ones over the next little while, and will post them if I can get better close-ups.

You can see, he is not human. He has no ears, not needing them since he is telepathic. His magical robes have become tattered and worn, and his once brilliant blue eyes have faded with age. He has become tired, and jaded with life. One day, perhaps, his apprentice will appear and he can go to his rest in the fields of glory.


  1. Tattered Dreams is such a magical creature! how tall is he?

  2. Thank you, Clean & Bright!

    He is 3 inches tall, and his hair adds another inch :)