Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Long Weekend!

Woo hoo! It is the long weekend! All winter long I have been dreaming of this weekend, making plans for our garden and what new things I will be doing with my vast flowerbeds.

Now, it has been a bit of a slow start. I found out about 2 weeks ago thata the gentleman I normally get to till my garden sold his equipment so no longer is available. I have been searching for someone else, but no luck so far. I did find a wonderful little tracter tiller, from the 70's I believe, but the asking price is $3,500. That is a bit steep for my budget. I do believe my husband will be talking to the owner and see if he would rent it to us for a couple hours though.

For the last couple months we have been weeding the flower gardens and they are looking stunning! The tulips are almost over as well as the daffodils, but there are a few hardy ones still hanging in. The irises are huge and putting out hundreds of flowers, and they smell so sweet. The blue (and some pink!) forget-me-nots are all over the place. Filling in some big empty spaces as I had hoped. Little pansies, wood lilies, coral bells etc are popping up here and there, and the lupins have migrated to a few other locations. The lilies-of-the-valley have acclimatized very well to their new spots as well as the bleeding hearts.

My lilies are growing up straight and stong and it looks like there will be an abundance of flowers for me this year.

Off to talk to the person who owns that little tractor tiller now, wish me luck! (Dear hubby decided it is up to me *le sigh*) As I have a lot of compost all ready to put in, I need to get things rolling.

Have a great weekend!

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