Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking a little break

I have been working pretty much full time at the clinic lately and have decided that I am going to take a little break from working on my shop on Etsy. My mother is going in for surgery on the 25th of this month, plus it is that time of year again that I am out in my flower beds and prepping my veggie garden for planting. I will still be spending some time sewing and making lots of new things and when I am ready I will start listing them.

I am out of dried catnip from last year's harvest and it will be another couple weeks before my new plants are big enough to start harvesting. So until then, for those of you who are interested in the ones that are already listed, I will give you all a discount if you choose to purchase one of them. Just write me a note in "notes to seller" BLOG DISCOUNT and I will give you a 20% refund.

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