Monday, May 24, 2010

Talk about eco-friendly!

I spoke the other day about needing to find someone with a tiller to work up our garden. Well, I could not find one, so my dear husband decided to turn the soil by hand with a shovel. It took him about 3 hours, taking numerous breaks (it was very hot and humid out). I must say, he felt very proud of himself, the sence of accomplishment he felt when he was done.

I suggested to him that since he does not want to use straw this year to help keep the weeds down, he will have to do this on a regular basis, probably as often as every other day. Especially if it rains!

We are hoping that there will be garden centers open today, even though it is the long weekend here in Ontario and most places will be closed. It would be wonderful to plant the garden this year!

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