Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prepping for Winter

We have needed to fix our roof for about a year now, and it is finally getting done this weekend!  We had purchased the shingles last fall, but ran out of time (it snowed a couple weeks too early), and then of course as soon as spring came the guys we were going to get to help us had already started working. 

Yesterday, we were able to get things organized enough to start the process, and I have to admit, I am very pleased. They got the first side of the roof already done (stripped, new boards put down, plus shingled) and today it looks like they will be able to do the other side.

Now, one thing I have to keep in mind is that our house is over a hundred years old, and used to be a church.  So, the roof is extremely steep, and Not a fun job to do.  I do believe it was about 20 years ago since it was re-shingled, and there was some damage caused by pesky hornets nesting under the boards. So all in all, it is quite amazing how much they accomplished yesterday.

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  1. Your house sounds really neat! My husband and I have been restoring our 1872 Italianate house going on 9 years. We have the first floor done and are slowly working upstairs. When we started, we were a lot more on the job- now we've tapered off quite a bit since the first floor is done. Our next project is my sewing room. Hubby has taken over the space downstairs for his N scale model train layout.