Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Organic garden update

We have had such interesting weather the last little while. It has been much cooler than normal, with only a few really hot days. It had made me a bit worried about what effect it would have on my garden.

Apparently, not too much of a bad effect! My raspberry canes are loaded with berries.

My tomatoes (all varieties) are producing lovely green tomatoes, and more flowers are showing up almost daily.

My leeks are doing very well indeed.

My onions are going to be spectacular!

One surprise though, what I thought was a volunteer squash is in fact volunteer zuchinni! In fact it is monsterously huge. I could not find someone available to take a picture of to show the size of it, so I will try to explain using my raspberry canes. Now these canes are growing upwards of 7 - 8 feet high. And you know that the compost bin is about 3 feet high. Some of the leaves are over a foot in diameter!!

Isn't it wonderful what can be done in a garden that does not get exposed to chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides?

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