Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A very busy weekend

Saturday my husband and I spent about 5 hours weeding one of my flower beds. It was the new one, the one that does not have it's woodchip mulch yet. Well, actually, it is the one that was tripled in width and lengthened last summer. So far it is full of lilies, chives, poppies and some lilies of the valley.

We then thinned out some of the lily bunches, and transplanted the hybridized ones. I had tagged them while they were still flowering into the different colour combinations. I now have groups of yellows, yellow with red/orange centers, pumpkin orange, my special dark burgandy and apparently only one white one. It is the pure white one that I tagged, somehow missing the one with the green tinge to it. Hopefully it will appear next summer for me so that I can move that one too.

My elodie lilies are now blooming and so are the poppies that I had gotten from my neighbour John (who passed away a year ago). I think he would be very happy to see how well they are doing.

We also dug along the side of the house between the side walk and the wall footing, removing the topsoil and getting prepared for pouring concrete there. We will be putting in a concrete pad as well at the base of the kitchen door in prep for a small deck.

My yucca plant is definately blooming very nicely. First year it has done this for me, and I am very impressed with the display it is putting on for me. I will take a picture in a few days when it is in full bloom. It is so tall!

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  1. You sure did have a busy weekend, I love lily beds, and I wish our climate would grow yucca.