Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy weekend!

Yesterday was my birthday and against all odds (having to go to work and all) I had a lovely day. It started with the best present of all, my son remembering! Then, my friends posting happy birthday on my facebook wall, and when I arrived at work, my boss and co-worker sang to me. They also had made a little sign and hung it on my computer. A bit later, they had put in a little notice on each Doctor's day schedule so that they and the nurse's could see it. It was a bit embarrasing though LOL

After I got home from work, my mom, dad and my sister both called. It is so nice to hear their voices. They still live in Winnipeg, and I do not get to hear from them very often. I try to call them as often as I can. I moved here about 5 years ago, and was able to go back for a visit last year. In fact, it was for Mother's Day that I went to see them.

My mom had made me a lovely frog blanket for my birthday. She crochets, and wanted to be able to hug me, so by making me the blanket, it feels like she is hugging me whenever I snuggle up to it.

My sister sent me a lovely trio of garden yoga frogs, and an awesome Obi! It is absolutely gorgeous! I will take a picture of the frogs and the Obi later this weekend. Today, my husband and I are going into London for a shopping spree. He and my son need clothes, we both need books, and I definately need to get some new Birkenstocks. My pair from last year are a bit stretched and nasty. I think this year I will buy 2 pairs, that way I can rotate them.

I am still trying to find a source for wood, to make the circle bit to hang my bamboo windchimes from. I thought that I had some cherry wood coming, but the man who had it, had already split it up for firewood. Not impressed. Ah well, I will find something soon I think. I did tell my husband that perhaps I should look into buying my own scroll saw so that I can cut my own.

Here is a picture of the other necklace I had made to put in my Etsy shop. I call it Stars Crossing. Since I am trying very hard to not use too much metal in my work, the ribbon being looped over an end bead for the clasp seems to work quite well.

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