Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday again

It is Monday again, and it feels like the weekend never happened. Have you ever had one of those? Not fair, really! I had so many things I needed to do, I never really had any time to myself.

I did manage to finish my bamboo windchime (see previous post) and start cutting more canes. My dremel starting to kick and buck (the bamboo is very hard) so I had to stop only half way through. I still have 4 more canes to cut into sections, then I need to shape, drill and sand all the sections. I plan on measuring out all the cords I need, and drill all of the hardwood circles too.

I have some "ideas" for unique clappers and pieces for the bottom for the wind to catch. So far, using the pieces of the bamboo I cut out of the sections as the windcatchers seems to work fine. I just do not want to make them all look alike.

My husband and I went to the garden center to buy the plants for my vege garden yesterday. Apparently here in our area, I was about 2 weeks behind everyone else. So many had bought them the beginning of the month then had to replace them all due to frost kill. So end result? I did not get any romano tomatoes, zuchinni or even the peppers I like to plant. We ended up with 2 varieties of tomatoes I have never tried (Heinz and another one), and bought a pack of zuchinni seeds. There will be lots of time to have those grow, so I am not worried about that.

Hubby did not plant them in the garden yet, he had a headache when we got home, and I was too busy trying to clean house and a million other things on my "to do" list. As it is going to be raining tomorrow, we will try to get those in the ground then.

I have to work all week, so will not have much free time. So I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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