Friday, August 20, 2010

Hallowe'en, I know it is early yet

... but I do so love Hallowe'en!  One of my favourite times of year with the days warm and sunny, the fall colours brightening things up, and the cool crisp nights.  I find it is so easy to sleep without having the added noises of fans and air conditioners.

As Hallowe'en approaches, the yard and home decor start appearing. Little witches, goblins and wee ghosties pop up in the most unexpected places. 

Take this Witch for example, isn't she just the most adorable little one you have seen?  She would look great in your living room, or even snuggled in your deck chair, peeking out at guests as they arrive.  Handmade by Haunted Willow who has some of the most wonderful primitives I have seen in awhile. 

During my search for other wonderful handmade gift ideas, I came across a few treasures I have added to my want list.  If I were able to get all of them, I would have the best decorated house on my block! 

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