Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flower beds

It is the time of year for my husband and I try to decide just what type of seeds I am going to buy and sow in the flower beds. The plan is to to a fair bit of rearranging the spring bulbs and other perennials, add more mulch, sow some seeds and get the wood chip mulch. So far, I have ordered some pansies, sweet williams, and aster seeds. My plan is to sow some this fall, and see if any of them come up in the spring. Never having done it this way before, I am not too certain how that will turn out.

I did make an order for some bulbs. I am getting more daffodils, tulips and some mountain lilies. I also ordered some more early snow glories. I do so love bulbs!

One thing that must be done, is I have a large number of clumps of sea thrift that has grown past their optimal size (in my opinion) and I would like to spread them out over all 5 flower beds. They are very interesting plants, as the root system grows in a spiral down to a point. So sometimes when you devide them, you end up with little tiny fluffs of "grass" with a curly pig-tail shaped root. I do lose some over winter as a rule, but most of them survive quite nicely. They do not mind too much salt during the winter months but too much will kill them, so I ensure they are at least 1-1.5 feet from the sidewalks.

I tried in early summer to devide and transplant some carpet (spring) phlox after they were finished blooming. That did not seem to go over very well, and by the looks of it, I lost most of them. Sad, since there was two very nice bi-coloured ones, in white and pink. This time I am going to choose one of my largest ones, and take out some pieces of it to transplant, leaving the main plant where it is. I am hoping that doing it in the fall will work.

Here is to hoping for a cooler weekend so that I may be able to get a fair bit accomplished!

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