Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too much rain?

This summer has been a very wet one in so many ways. Raining almost every three days or so, and for the last couple of weeks, it has been almost daily. I did lose some of my raspberries (about 1/3 of them) due to the over-abundance of rain, but I did not have too many lost due to molds. More like, they got too ripe too fast, and fell before I could get to them.

The birds and the bugs have been able to feast quite nicely! At least this time I did not end up with the little black spots that I had last year. Of course, the season for my berries (being the everbearing kind) is not over yet. The next group will start to ripen over the next few weeks and will continue until frost.

As you have seen in prior posts my volunteer zuchinni has been doing very well, and has actually provided some really huge zuchinnis. Mind you, those we allow to grow just to see how big they will get. I do not use them for cooking or freezing for winter. It is quite difficult to time it just right to be able to pick them at the perfect size. Now, the ones my husband planted by seeds are quickly catching up in size and are producing very well indeed.

The leeks are growing huge, and the onions are also doing well. My tomatoes are a mixed lot, of at least 5 different varieties, and some of them are doing better than others. The cherry tomatoes are doing well, the romas too. The beefsteak kind are not doing so good though. Lots of blight on these and I am afraid I will not get any out of those plants. I may have to buy a bushel or two from a local farmer in order to have enough for winter preserves.

As I do not use any pesticides, or herbicides, it has cause some difficulties in preventing the mold/rot on the tomatoes. Hopefully it will not affect my 2nd batch of raspberries.

My peppers are starting to produce as well, and I got two nice little peppers so far.

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