Saturday, August 29, 2009

Polymer Clay for a Cause on Etsy

There are quite a few shops on Etsy that are using their sales to donate to various charities. This one in particular is one of my favourites. PolymerClayforaCause is run by a very talented polymer clay artist, who started this shop in honor of her daughter Cortney, who had Muscular Dystrophy. For more information, please check out the awesome artwork in her shop,

She also accepts donations of artwork by other polymer clay artists to sell in her non-profit shop.
Here is just a few of the wonderful items she has available! Feel free to click on the pictures to go to that listing and see who donated the piece to PolymerClayforaCause!

Little Baby Charity has arrived........

Here kitty....kitty

Silver Shimmer Necklace

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