Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ontario Blueberries

I am cutting it very closely this year with getting and preserving my winter supply of blueberries. Every year I get a few 7 litre baskets of those blue globes of goodness and freeze them so that I can enjoy them all year round. I jam them, make them into muffins, pancakes, jams, coffee cakes, or even just throw some on my cereal. Yummy goodness!

The gorgeous bowl is one I got from a wonderful potter who has a shop on Etsy, called Adornyourself. Isn't it wonderful?!

This year, my husband suggested that I try and can a batch and see how they turn out. I know the cherries we did worked wonderfully, so I am pretty certain the blueberries will too.

I am wondering though, are these going to hold their lovely berry shape, or will they be more like little mushies?

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